Axiom of the Body in Bloom, (in collaboration with the Emmanuel Department of Art)

Axiom of The Body in Bloom

a body a battleground
a starving warmonger, sacrificial,
repulsed by its own riches
and thus tempting fate

a body a vessel
where shame a once huntress,
now simmers
on low heat

a body a temple
a decadent cavity
where well-wishers gift their bounties

tender beast, 24x24"

godhood, 25x74"

a place to keep our memories safe (in collaboration with the Emmanuel Department of Art)

“My Kali kills. My Draupadi strips. My Sita climbs on a stranger’s lap. All my women militate. They brave bombs, belittle kings, take on the sun, take after me.”

Meena Kandasamy

“I then deleted language from the book, like a government censor blacking out words in a letter from an internal dissident.”

A Note on Process by Srikanth Reddy

a private reinvention of Faith

In Place of Monuments, 60x42"

                                                                    “Did it leave a God-sized hole in your life?”

(Em and the Big Hoom; Jerry Pinto)

how to steal back your own city, 75x42"

I was to strip off my coarseness and ripen into a woman of war, led by a militia of my mothers, draped in delicate dupattas, 35x71"to be a child is to let your moustache grow, 24x11"

Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” — Arundhati Roy