The Body; a Beast; a Corporal Compass, in collaboration with MassArt Student Government Association and Godine Gallery, SIM senior, Anukriti Kaushik curates 19 international artists’ work through this project. It highlights visual and written work that provokes and defies rigid norms and traditions pertaining to beauty, gender, and sexuality, by reimagining the body through the Trans Queer gaze. Caricaturization, erasure and misrepresentation of non-conforming bodies in media and culture is an active tool of repression that leaves little to no room for queer expression with self agency. This publication, an opposing force to the stifling nature of today’s media, proposes to depict authentic and intentional portrayals of the Trans Queer experience in its entirety. This curated publication aims to build and rephrase collective narratives of queer glory as a way to create autonomous modes of expression outside of current subjugative ones. Alternatively, it encapsulates the monumental journey of the queer body composing a home within itself and thus dismantling the idea of what an acceptable body, as per heteropatriarchal constructs, should be. It promotes the idea that the body existing in its truest form is itself a transgressive act of resistance.

Godine Family Gallery Artists Series - April 30, 2021 from Studio for Interrelated Media on Vimeo.